Long Beach Airport

Sky Creation is based at Long Beach Airport, one of the largest “Class D” airports in the US with five runways and six helicopter landing pads (“helipads”). Multiple runways and helipads provide an effective training environment. Commercial airlines and instrument rated aircraft typically use Runway 30, the longest runway at 10,000 ft. Flight instruction in an area with access to the air traffic control conversation of commercial aircraft taking off and landing is an ideal environment for those who aim to become professional pilots. You will be able to see various types of aircraft besides commercial jets; these include mid-size and large law enforcement helicopters, airships, and banner towing planes.



Sky Creation is located at the south end of Long Beach Airport, right next to the Fixed Base Operator (FBO). The FBO provides various aeronautic services, including fueling, which helps create a learning environment free of interruptions. Our facility has classrooms, self-study rooms, and briefing rooms. These rooms are not only for lessons with instructors but also for student study groups. Long Beach Airport also has its own aircraft maintenance facility with many well-experienced engineers. Carefully observing aircraft maintenance helps you learn more about and better understand all flight systems. The maintenance crew will be happy to answer your questions.