Quality of Instruction

Even in this digital age, flight instruction is a very analogue process. Effective training requires you and your instructor to work together. That’s why instructor quality matters! Sky Creation instructors are constantly improving their knowledge and skills to provide better and more enjoyable flight instruction. Our teaching quality is reflected in our exam passing rate. Over 75 percent of our students pass their exams on the first try, and over 98 percent pass on the second try. Almost all students become certified pilots after completing our training courses.


Our Chief Instructor

As a professional pilot himself, our Chief Instructor can teach high-level technical skills and professional demeanor. As an experienced Part 135 commercial operator of both airplanes and helicopters, he can give you full support no matter what your goals are.


Our Instructors

All our instructors are experienced, FAA-certified, and committed to helping you reach your goals.


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is extensive, yet we never want you to forget how fun flying is. Our curriculum-based training minimizes the differences among instructors and provides efficient, high-quality instruction.


Instructor Quality

Through periodic group study and flight checks, our instructors are constantly improving their teaching skills. Our instructors have joint study sessions once a week and flight checks with our Chief Instructor every three months.