Helicopter Courses
Helicopter courses

Helicopter courses

Helicopter Private Pilot Certificate

Basic but critical skills

The basic knowledge you acquire in our private pilot course is essential for flight safety throughout your future in aviation. Whether you plan to fly for fun, give rides to your family and friends, or aim to become a professional pilot, it all begins with the private pilot certificate.

Our simultaneous ground school and in-flight instruction both use our original curricula. Ground school and in-flight training are each divided into three stages. At the end of each stage and at the end of the course, we check to make sure your progress toward the FAA practical test known as the “checkride.”

Helicopter Commercial Pilot Certificate

The commercial pilot certificate is a key step on the path to becoming a professional pilot.

The commercial pilot certificate course goes beyond the private pilot course and introduces many advanced maneuvers. Higher levels of flight skills, knowledge, and decision making are crucial for safe commercial operations carrying passengers. The commercial pilot certificate makes you a more competent and proficient professional pilot. 

Helicopter Instrument Rating

An instrument rating is required for flying in adverse weather conditions

Beginning with the basics of attitude instrument flying and ending with your instrument rating, this course teaches you to navigate the aircraft solely by reference to the instruments. This course provides step-by-step instruction on advanced approach and landing procedures. An instrument rating extends the flying privileges of your pilot’s license and helps you become a safe and proficient pilot.


Helicopter Flight Instructor Certificate

One way to increase your flight time and gain experience is to become a flight instructor.

Flight instructor is often the first job a commercial pilot has. A certified flight instructor (CFI) is responsible for all aspects of training students. While teaching, you can log hours as flight time and get paid for the hours. The focus of our CFI program is to train you to become a considerate and thoughtful flight instructor who can motivate and inspire students.